Quick Service Restaurant
 Case Study

How this quick service restaurant leveraged card-linked offers using Dosh to reach 90+ days lapsed customers and increased their transaction frequency.

Gross ROAS
Transaction revenue
Lift in transaction frequency during campaign
Retaining loyal customers is one of the biggest challenges facing most QSRs today. Multiple studies show that it’s harder (and more expensive) to acquire new customers than it is to keep the ones that you already have, and repeat visitors generate a disproportionately large portion of a restaurant’s revenue. This is why a card-linked offer program can enhance the connection brands have with consumers while giving them a reason to consider one QSR over many others. By connecting card-linked offers with a loyalty program, a QSR can re-engage with dormant or lapsed customers, attract new customers, and ultimately raise the bar for their in-store customer experience.
Re-engage with lapsed customers, drive frequency, and achieve a lift in spend.
Using Dosh’s online-to-offline engagement platform, the brand launched a nationwide 3% cash back campaign at the beginning of November. A subset of Dosh customers were not aware of the offer to measure performance against a hold-out group. The campaign was promoted through Dosh’s omnichannel platform throughout the duration of November.


Using Dosh, the brand generated over $4.6M in transaction revenue with a 25X return on ad spend. The QSR chain was looking to re-engage with lapsed or dormant customers, meaning customers who hadn’t transacted in over 90 days.

For the duration of the campaign, they saw favorable results: 36.6% of customers who made a purchase were 90+ days lapsed. Although a smaller set of transactions came from customers who had transacted more recently, the brand was mostly interested in Dosh’s ability to drive customers in-store who were not already loyal (measured by the last time they transacted).

36.6% of customers who made a purchase were 90+ days lapsed

Of course, driving customers to transact a first time is only part of the equation. The next step is successfully getting those customers to transact again. Our partner was keen on measuring lift in transaction frequency with customers on Dosh across the duration of the campaign. They saw a 10% lift in transaction frequency during the campaign.

In addition to a lift in frequency, Dosh customers also spent 12.2% more when they transacted compared to pre-campaign spend levels

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