September 18, 2018

Meet Dosh's Newest Executive Hires

Written By
Keely Stephens
When I joined Dosh, one thing was crystal clear — the mission is core to the company since day one, and all of our employees stand for it and behind it.

That mission, to move billions of dollars to millions of consumers, is built on our strong belief that we can be the connection for high quality relationships between merchants and their customers, increasing loyalty and spend by putting wasted advertising dollars directly into the customer’s pocket.

And it is incredible how far we have come since the app launched, having provided over $33 million in cash back to Doshers across the US. As the company continues its rapid growth trajectory, the key to our continued success is a world-class team. Our collective goal is to attract the very best people with strong experience from the greatest brands in the world, to shape and form the company into an industry leader.

We are beyond thrilled to introduce five new executive-level hires at Dosh, filling roles across operations, finance, human resources, product and sales. I want to share a bit more about each new hire and why their background makes them a perfect fit for Dosh.

"We are passionate about making consumers' lives better and connecting merchants with the customers that matter most. Our stellar new executives will be key in helping Dosh achieve our mission and continue to lead the industry." — Ryan Wuerch, Dosh Founder and CEO.

Brad Brodigan | President and Chief Operating Officer

Brad Brodigan comes to Dosh from PayPal and joins as our Chief Operating Officer and President. While at PayPal, he was Vice President and General Manager for global mid-market and retail, responsible for billions of PayPal's global revenues. Prior to PayPal, Brad was President of Rearden Commerce and CEO of two venture backed high growth technology companies; Biz360 and Demand Chain.

Fun fact: Brad has done ten marathons in ten different countries, and most recently completed a Spartan Race with his daughter.

"I believe Dosh will completely disrupt the clearly broken retail advertising model. With my background in merchant offers, digital payments and building two-sided marketplaces, I see Dosh at the center of leveraging technology to transform the buyer-seller relationship in a mutually beneficial way."


Shubhi Rao | Chief Financial Officer

Shubhi Rao joins Dosh as Chief Financial Officer from Alphabet Inc./Google where she was Vice President and Treasurer. Shubhi brings more than 20 years of finance and capital markets experience with a background in managing global operations and strategy. She previously held executive finance roles at Tesco PLC and Ford Motor Company and is a member of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank's Economic Advisory Council.

Fun fact: Shubhi loves kayaking when she has the opportunity and met her husband canoeing while in school.

"Each chapter of my career has been incredibly enriching. I believe Dosh will be the most exciting and rewarding as I play a key role in building one of the most iconic companies of our time, bringing value, trust and transparency to consumers and retailers alike."


Scott Boecker | Chief Product Officer

Scott Boecker comes to Dosh as Chief Product Officer from Nike where he was Vice President of global product management. Scott brings deep expertise in digital marketplaces and product development, with a focus on ecommerce, advertising and lead generation. He has also held executive product management roles at Ticketmaster and

Fun fact: Scott grew up an avid skateboarder and Gulf Coast surfer which planted early seeds of wanderlust and a desire to visit exotic locations.


Jim Norton | Chief Revenue Officer

Jim Norton joins Dosh as Chief Revenue Officer after a long history as a successful senior media executive, most recently at Conde Nast, where he led the company's sales organization as Chief Business Officer, and previously at AOL/Verizon, where he was Global Head of Media Sales. Jim has been serving as Executive-in-Residence at IAB, where he was Chairman of the Board. He has overseen all aspects of global sales and marketing, driving revenue diversification, partner development and market expansion.

Fun fact: A huge fan off all things Boston sports, Jim is happy to share references to the likes of Tom Brady, Bobby Orr, Larry Bird and Doug Flutie — ‘Hail Mary’ quarterback from his alma mater Boston College.


Derek Sidebottom | Chief Human Resources Officer

Derek Sidebottom is a human resources veteran joining Dosh as Chief Human Resources Officer with high growth executive leadership experience at companies, including Electronic Arts, Rocket Fuel and Lending Home. He brings expertise in scaling teams from hundreds to thousands of employees.

Fun fact: A recent Bay Area transplant, Derek currently spends his free time exploring the Austin area on the weekends in search of the best local vineyards to share with out-of-town guests.


Please join me in welcoming these new leaders to Dosh and feel free to connect with them (and Dosh!) on LinkedIn.

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