Multinational Oil and Gas Company
 Case Study

A multinational oil and gas company worked with Dosh to achieve a lift in total spend and frequency. By deploying a targeted card-linked offer for 10-weeks, the brand saw a lift in total weekly spend by 16.8% during the campaign.

Gross ROAS
Transaction revenue
Lift in weekly spend during campaign
The gas station market is heavily competitive and in-store loyalty is typically driven by gas prices. According to our recent study, 50% of consumer feel fuel merchants don’t reward or value their loyalty. The fuel brand wanted to address this lack of loyalty by raising awareness for their payments app while also utilizing a more seamless rewards experience to test if it could shift consumer behavior, while attributing their marketing spend to transactions.
Lift in total spend, frequency, and market share as well as drive awareness for their payments app.
Previously relying on traditional and digital channels to promote brand loyalty, the brand partnered with Dosh to engage with consumers directly and reward them with cash back for their purchases. They launched a nationwide 2% card-linked offer which automatically rewarded consumers at the point of sale every time they transacted at the pump. With a $450,000 budget the campaign was promoted through Dosh’s omnichannel engagement platform from May 30th to August 3rd, which also included a special 4% promotion from June 22 to 24th.


Using Dosh, the brand generated over $13.7M in transaction revenue with a 30.5X return on ad spend. The 10-week campaign resulted in a 16.8% lift in revenue from Dosh users compared to the same cohort before the campaign launched.

More impressively, the same cohort carried a 4.1% lift after the campaign ended, which indicated a switch in their shopping behavior and new loyalty towards the fuel merchant.

Customers that have not made a transaction at this brand’s gas stations in 90+ days represent $3.07M of new sales

These results are consistent with data from a recent Dosh report, which showed a 48% switching intent based on card-linked rewards in the gas station product category. The campaign put $287,000 back in consumers’ pockets creating a ‘surprise and delight’ experience between the brand and customer augmenting an instant feeling of being rewarded for their purchase behavior.

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