National Grocery Chain
 Case Study

This nationwide grocery chain leveraged Dosh’s card-linked offer program to drive mobile-savvy shoppers in-store who ended up spending more frequently and at higher levels than before signing up with Dosh.

Gross ROAS
Increase in sales
Lift in frequency
Over the last few years competition between major grocery brands and nontraditional food retailers have been growing. Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods has signaled a new era for the the modern grocery store: one where online and offline seamlessly revolve around nutrition conscious (along with growing demands for organic, locally sourced produce) and digital savvy shoppers. While these changes have brought better experiences for consumers, traditional grocery chains relying on old distribution and engagement models have been forced to examine innovative marketing channels and tools to drive in-store transactions and brand relevance.
To achieve lift in total in-store spend, frequency, and drive loyalty behavior.
The positioning of Dosh as a growing mobile advertising channel appealed to our partner who was keen on driving in-store spend to mobile-centric shoppers. In addition, the pay-for-performance model with card-linked offers presented a low risk opportunity, which initially launched in late September of 2017. To measure campaign performance Dosh compared the transaction behavior against a control group during various periods of the campaign. In addition, historical transaction data was used to measure how shoppers transacted at our partner before and after joining Dosh.


Using Dosh, our partner has generated $71.06M in revenue with a 21X return on their ad spend over a 12 month campaign cycle.

One of the most important performance metrics was seeing the behavioral impact card-linked offers had on customers who had transacted at their store before and after joining Dosh.

Total monthly spend behavior between customers who had transacted at our partner before joining Dosh and after joining Dosh. The colors represent segmented monthly cohorts and for each cohort we looked at the average of their spend before joining Dosh as well as the average after joining Dosh. For example, if a customer signed up for Dosh in January 2018, the data analyzed their spending behavior between September through December 2017 (considered pre-Dosh) and then January through August 2018 (considered Dosh).

The results showed that the average lift in spend after joining Dosh increased by 14.7% which materialized into an additional $4.5M in sales.

Over $71.06M in revenue with a 21X return using Dosh

Using the same methodology, customers frequency of transactions before and after joining Dosh. By looking at the frequency of transactions on a monthly basis, each new cohort joining Dosh was analyzed against their average historical transaction frequency. Compared against their pre-Dosh frequency we saw a lift of 10.2%.

By reviewing the data between these two charts, our grocery chain partner concluded that consumers using Dosh, even if they transacted at the store before using Dosh, spent more when they shopped and they shopped more frequently.

When measuring the performance of Dosh against a hold-out group (meaning people who weren’t aware of our partner’s card-linked offer) the results are even more staggering: between the months of April and September of 2018 the treatment group saw a 54.7% lift in frequency, 78.7% lift in spend rate, 93.3% lift in total transactions, and 129% lift in total spend over the holdout group.

These results are consistent with data from a recent survey Dosh conducted, which showed that over a third of consumers would switch their shopping behavior to a brand on Dosh versus a brand not associated with Dosh.

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