Nationwide Convenience Store
 Case Study

By unlocking targeted card-linked offers this nationwide convenience store saw a 54.8% lift in daily spend with consumers on Dosh.

Gross ROAS
Transaction Revenue
Lift in daily spend During campaign
Over the last few years convenience stores have been faced with looming challenges as they compete with subscription programs and time-saving delivery services. One of these threats comes from grocery delivery services, which are now in almost every major metropolitan market and make driving to the convenience store for last-minute pick-ups less appealing for consumers. To combat these changes our partner used card-linked offers through Dosh to reframe the value of the in-store shopping experience for consumers.
Achieve lift in total in-store spend, frequency, and attract new customers.
Using Dosh’s online-to-offline engagement platform, the brand launched a nationwide 5% cash back campaign at the beginning of October for seven days before dropping the cash back amount to 2%. A small-subset of locations were not card-linked activated to measure performance against a hold out group. With a $225,000 budget the campaign was promoted through Dosh’s omnichannel platform from October 1st to November 4th.


Using Dosh, the brand generated over $5.7M in transaction revenue with a 29X return on ad spend. Over the first week of the campaign the 5% offer drove a 54.8% lift in total daily spend by Dosh users. When the offer dropped to 2% cash back the following week Dosh users daily spend still carried 30.2% higher than before the campaign launched.

These results are consistent with data from a recent Dosh report, which showed that over a third of consumers would switch shopping behavior to a brand on Dosh versus a brand not associated with Dosh.

Customers that haven’t shopped from this convenience brand in 90+ days represent 28.7% of sales

When it came to the average order value (AOV) the brand saw that Dosh users increased their spend by 23.7% in the first week which carried over to a 9.1% lift when the campaign dropped to 2% cash back the following week. This indicated a correlation between AOV and cash back amount. In fact, Dosh found that 83% of consumers feel cash back is the most effective mechanism to drive loyalty in shopping behavior.

The campaign put $130,118 in gross cash back in consumers’ pockets creating a ‘surprise and delight’ experience and augmenting an instant feeling of being rewarded for their purchase behavior.

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