Consumer Insights Amidst COVID-19

The abrupt change in the way we operate in our day-to-day lives amidst COVID-19 affects consumer spending habits and has caused shock waves across communities, businesses and economies around the world. Explore insights from the Dosh Data Lab below and check back regularly for updates.
Consumer Spending Behavior
Increasingly, every category is being impacted by social distancing, whether it be retailers, restaurants or travel.What is the before and after picture of shopping during this unprecedented time? How are people reacting to city-lockdowns? How do shopping behaviors now compare against other peak shopping times?
Consumer Spending Behavior
Spend categories pre/post COVID-19
Increase Mass Retail Spend
Gasoline Stations
Gasoline stations visitations were 2.8x high as they normally were in the 3 month period
In the same vein, food and nutrition was the next priority: foot traffic to grocery stores were nearly 2.9x as high as they were on average in Q1 2020
Mass Retail
Mass retail store followed suit with visits 2.7x as high as they were in Q1 2020
Beer, Wine, and Liquor Stores saw steady increases in visitation after the lockdown towards end of March peaking at a 1.7x index
Consumer Spending Behavior
Regional Trends
Consumer Spending Behavior
Current vs. Black Friday/Cyber Monday
+66% Current consumer spend vs. Black Friday/Cyber Monday +66% in avg purchase amount $ / user
Consumer Perceptions
In a time when money is more top-of-mind than ever, we asked Dosh subscribers how they’re feeling about spending, where they’re spending, and what influences their spending amidst a pandemic. Twenty five thousand people shared their thoughts.
Consumer Perceptions
How they’re spending
are only spending on necessities
are spending like before
are spending more on personal items
Consumer Perceptions
Influences over spending
Consumer Perceptions
Thoughts on saving
Consumer Perceptions
What retailers can do right now
Cash back and savings are people’s top priorities, even more than convenience
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