Forrester TEI Study

Dosh commissioned Forrester to provide a Total Economic Impact study on its business and partner outcomes, highlighting the positive impact of Cash Back on average order value, visit and purchase frequency and ROAS for retailers.

Department Store
Using Dosh, the brand generated over $1.4M in transaction revenue providing a 10X return on ad spend.
The retailer was primarily looking to attract new customers, specifically those who hadn’t transacted in-store in over 90. Customers that haven’t shopped from this department store retailer in 90+ days represent 44.7% of sales. Lapsed customers who haven’t shopped there in 60+ days represent 58.5% of sales.
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National Grocery Chain
Using Dosh, our partner has generated $71.06M in revenue with a 21X return on their ad spend over a 12 month campaign cycle.
The key performance metrics of this case study are the behavioral impact card-linked offers had on customers who had transacted at their store before and after joining Dosh.
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Multinational Oil and Gas Company
By deploying a targeted card-linked offer for 10-weeks, the brand saw a lift in total weekly spend by 16.8% during the campaign.
Using Dosh, the brand generated over $13.7M in transaction revenue with a 30.5X return on ad spend. The 10-week campaign resulted in a 16.8% lift in revenue from Dosh users compared to the same cohort before the campaign launched.
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Quick Service Restaurant
Using Dosh, the brand generated over $4.6M in transaction revenue providing a 25X return on ad spend.
By connecting card-linked offers with a loyalty program, this QSR re-engaged with dormant or lapsed customers, attracted new customers, and ultimately raised the bar for their in-store customer experience.
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Dosh Presents:  The Proven Impact of Cash Back Webcast
Sucharita Kodali shares the results of Forrester's Total Economic Impact study with Dosh CMO Amy Vale and what Dosh can provide to help retailers achieve higher KPIs during these challenging times.
Detailed Report
Forrester TEI Study for Dosh
Download the official TEI study to see Forrester's detailed report on Dosh's cash back platform and its influence on key marketing KPIs like ROAS, incrementally, new customer acquisition, and visit and purchase frequency.
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