To positively impact people's lives by moving billions of dollars to millions of people.


We’ve created the fastest growing card-linked offer platform that automatically puts cash into the wallets of millions of consumers whenever they shop, dine, and book hotels.  

Through our vision to democratize advertising for the benefit of people everywhere, we connect leading brands and retailers directly to consumers, driving customers in-store and online to purchase more often, spend more, and socially share the brands they engage with, creating new customer acquisition.

What projects are you most excited about?
"I am most excited about the Right Offer project. This project aims to build intelligence into the Dosh ecosystem so that we're able to create personalized offers for each individual user to maximize relevance for the consumer and optimize for merchants' marketing goals!"
Senior Software Engineer
How do you empower your team to be more creative?
"It’s important to look beyond the design industry for inspiration to carve a distinctive path. Inspiration can come from nature, music, movies, art, or a conversation with a colleague with a completely opposite professional background. I encourage my team to look beyond the obvious destinations for solutions that push us beyond what we know."
"I love helping people and Dosh allows me to do that every day. Whether it’s helping pay bills, put food on the table, serve as extra spending money, or donating to a charity, we’re adding a layer of loyalty & reward where everyone wins."
Manager, account management
“When I think about who Dosh is helping, my family comes to mind. I think back to my aunt preparing her kids for school. With Dosh, she kept more of her hard earned money by shopping at Dosh merchants. Hearing the excitement from receiving cash back inspires me and is why I believe in our mission.”
Talent Acquisition Manager

Dosh Headquarters
13501 Galleria Circle #300
Austin, TX 78738