Connecting with Millennials and Gen Z: Why Cash is King
Webinar with Jason Dorsey, president of Center for Generational Kinetics and Ryan Wuerch, CEO of Dosh.
Reimagining how brands connect with Millennial and Gen Z audiences has never been more important than it is today, especially during this time of shifting consumer behavior.

Watch this webinar to uncover groundbreaking research that establishes robust links between Millennial and Gen Z shoppers, cash back incentives, and digital marketing strategies.
will spend more if they know they'll instantly get 5% cash back
Gen Z
will spend more if they know they'll instantly get 5% cash back
In this webinar, you’ll learn:
  • How to connect and engage with Millennial and Gen Z shoppers
  • How to increase online sales and drive more customers instore
  • How to attract firsttime shoppers and build loyalty with your established customer base
  • How in-store vs. online purchase intent differs between generations
  • How the advertising and marketing landscape are changing and how connecting with Millennial and Gen Z consumers directly is the new wave of advertising
  • How cash back is part of a robust digital marketing strategy
  • How cash back offers drive positive consumer perception of your brand
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