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Incremental offline sales and more efficient ad spend. Add card‑linked offers to your arsenal.

Today’s marketers are held accountable to a higher standard. They must win the right consumer behavior with every advertising dollar they spend in a provable way. How do they do it? With card‑linked offers (CLOs).

Consumers expect frictionless experiences when it comes to in‑store shopping, and CLOs deliver. CLOs are cash back rewards given to a consumer when they make a purchase at a participating merchant ― engaging and delighting consumers at the POS.


of consumers are more likely to shop somewhere that rewards them.

Goodbye wasted ad spend.
Hello guaranteed ROI.

Digital ad spending now exceeds traditional ad spending. However, the complexity of digital advertising has introduced a host of unforeseen problems including fraud, ad-blockers and problematic programmatic ad buys ― which make it difficult to track effectiveness, especially for in‑store transactions.

There’s zero waste with CLOs ― each offer is directly attributable to a sale, driving higher transaction rates, increased brand loyalty, and reduced physical marketing costs.

Bridging mobile to in‑store with CLOs

Dosh enables brands and merchants to leverage card‑linked offers with the power of mobile marketing, transactional, and behavioral data to generate attributable return on ad spend (ROAS) for offline purchases. With direct integrations into the major credit card networks, brands trust Dosh to uncover even more layers of insights, including market share shift and post‑campaign analysis.

Beyond that, our proprietary integrations with major card networks and deep data lake uncover even more layers of insights — including market share shift to help merchants evolve even more personalized consumer profiles for future offers.

Dosh subscribers become sustained, repeat customers faster. Those customers are visiting 29% more often, and spending 60% more per visit after 60 days when compared to non‑Dosh subscribers.”

James Lerner
Senior Product Marketing Director, 

Walmart Global eCommerce/

Reach and convert
high value consumers.

Dosh subscribers are not passive consumers: they are actively shopping on a regular basis. The engaging content in the Dosh app delivers increased, sustained shopping behavior. Dosh serves up segmented offers, engaging content, and an easy discovery experience that drives results for leading brands.

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